Madonna International College is different from any other college. Its birth is a result of direct inspiration of the Most Holy Mary with the permission of her son, our Lord Jesus Christ. In June 1988, the Proprietor had an encounter with our Holy mother. This encounter with our Holy Mother changed his life, and made him appreciate the tremendous power and grace God has given to the Blessed Virgin Mary. she ordered him to defend himself always with the Cross of Christ because according to the proprietor, Prof. B.I.C. Ijomah, “My son, Jesus, is enough for you”. He obeyed; and Jesus took control in spite of what Prof. Ijomah claimed to be his “unworthiness”. In July 1988, he was led to Elele where he met very Rev. Fr. Edeh.


After receiving blessing that day, he said he knew that a great transformation had taken place in him. A fuller account of these encounters is given in his book, The Role of holy Mary in the Work of Salvation. His Grace Archbishop John Onaiyekan, the Archbishop of Abuja, who wrote the forward to the book, rightly observed that the book “is a love story”. Yes and the professor wishes that he could love Mary more. Archbishop Onayekan also rightly observed De Markia Nunquam nimis, which means that we can never talk too much about Mary. Therefore, anything that is done to honour Mary must be seen as a little contribution towards explaining Mary and honouring her Son Jesus Christ. In 1997, the Proprietor thought of a more permanent and befitting honour to Our Great Lady.


He decided to establish the Madonna International College. He travelled to Asaba and applied for a parcel of land. The Military Administrator, Col. Dungs gave his approval. Thus, Madonna International College was conceived in 1997. It had to wait for the fullness of time before it could take off in 2006.



Madonna International College is managed by a Board of Governors. All major decisions are taken by the Board.
The daily running of the College is taken care of the Proprietor, the Principal, and the Teachers. The Proprietor was a pioneer teacher at Annunciation College, Ikerre-Ekiti) and St. Anthony’s College, Ubulu-Uku. The principal has vast experience having walked in many other colleges.


The College has well qualified, dedicated and self motivated teachers.

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